Who We Are

Sprouts of Hope was founded in 2022 in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This charitable foundation was established by two friends: American businessman Matt Moore and Ukrainian businessman Taras Ogiychuk.

Currently, all our activities are focused on supporting liberated citizens of Kharkiv city and its region: one of the regions most affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine. Kharkiv was not chosen by chance. In 2004, it became the home of the first Ukrainian office of TEAM International, with 500+ employees. However, in 2022 the company’s office was damaged.

Our Mission

Help Kharkiv citizens to survive, recover, and rebuild. We provide children, adults, and seniors with basic necessities like food, water, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. We create short and long-term strategies for the post-war reconstruction of the Kharkiv region.

We are an American nonprofit helping civilians in the Kharkiv region with:

Water & Food
Medicines & Health Care
Evacuation from Hot Spots
Temporary Housing
Rehabilitation Hospitals for Injured


When it comes to raising and distributing funds, we follow the same rules and principles of accountability and transparency that underlie all our work. We provide regular reports showing how your donations help Kharkiv families affected by Russian aggression. Download the IRS information applicable to US Citizens only.

Our Partners:

Our Founders:

Sprouts of Hope Charitable Foundation was founded by an American and a Ukrainian

Matt Moore

Founder and CEO of TEAM International Co-Founder of Cobalt Medical Partners & Principal at Cobalt Medical Development

The first office of TEAM Ukraine was established in Kharkiv. Matt personally managed the official opening and interviewed the first employees. It was home to 500+ TEAMmates before the Russian invasion. Now, as the co-founder of Cobalt Medical Partners, he helps injured civilians in the Kharkiv region access high-quality rehabilitation services to maximize their chances for independence, successful employment, and healthy integration into the community.

Taras Ogiychuk

Director, Shareholder “Panarama Lux” Director, Shareholder “Splavy” Shareholder “Premier Teleport Ukraine”, “KROK”, “Kharkivform Izdat“

Taras graduated from Washington State University and spent over 7 years working at different US government and private organizations. Then he returned to Ukraine and established a business. Taras and Matt got acquainted 17 years ago and have been friends since. When the war came to Ukraine, they were helping people in Kharkiv and then decided to get involved on a large scale and establish a humanitarian foundation.

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We Stand With Ukraine

Since February 24, 2022, Putin’s Russia has been: leveling cities, blind-bombing homes and kindergartens, using torture to break Ukraine’s will, and killing civilians.

Ukraine is fighting for democracy and freedom. She refuses to accept a future of brutality and lies. Most importantly, Ukraine is fighting for survival.

If Russia stops fighting, they will lose; but, if Ukraine stops fighting, she will cease to exist.

Ukraine’s citizens conceive of a nation sovereign in the people, with liberty and equality. This great war upon the continent of Europe, now engaged, is testing whether any nation so conceived and dedicated can endure, or perish without trace. We Stand with Ukraine, because to deny Ukraine’s freedom is to deny our own character and soul.

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